In the New Year

As the year draws to a close and we reflect on 2017’s successes, challenges, anxieties, triumphs, laughter, and tears, here is my wish for you all in the New Year: May 2018 bring you happiness, wellness, and peace. May your commitment to yourself be the one resolution that sticks. May your own personal growth find  … Read more

The Usefulness of Anxiety

“I am literally freaking out right now.” How often have you said that this month? This week? Today? Our anxiety can be situational (preparing for a presentation at work, an important date), it can be anticipatory (excitement over an upcoming vacation), or it can be a steady, ever-present buzz throughout your day that leaves you  … Read more

The Benefits of Boredom

If you have a 20 minute train ride, how do you spend it? Do you listen to music or a podcast, check your email (thanks to the MTA for installing Wi-Fi), send texts, or scroll through Facebook or Instagram? What about waiting 3 minutes in line at the deli? Can you just stand in line,  … Read more

Even Trees Let Go

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” It’s autumn: crisp mornings turn into breezy afternoons, and the leaves are changing and falling in Mother Nature’s yearly reminder that our grip can be too tight. We notice the beauty of the trees, and forget that the  … Read more

What Does Self-Care Even Mean?

A quick Google search about self-care will result in hundreds of articles instructing you on “Top 10 Best New Self-Care Practices” and “Self-Care Life Hacks.” They tell you to buy a new candle, go to a farmers market, get a massage. For women, self-care is often synonymous with improving physical appearance, in an even narrower  … Read more

How to Focus in an Attention Economy

On a recent Thursday evening, I found myself doing no less than six things simultaneously: I was reading a recipe; cooking the recipe; watching the evening news; rehashing an awkward conversation my husband had with his supervisor at work; answering a text from my mom; and looking at a recently posted photo of my niece on my  … Read more

It’s Called a Break Up, but You’re Not Broken

It’s over. Whether it happened suddenly or after a hardscrabble negotiation of current needs and future desires, you and your partner decided to call it quits. (Or maybe you were unceremoniously dumped, or, even worse, forced to be the breaker-upper because your ex wasn’t adult enough to do it themselves.) After the dust settles (and  … Read more

On Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi Real talk: I can’t teach you to love yourself. I also can’t tell you why that guy didn’t text you back, why she ghosted you after a promising couple  … Read more

The Lesson of the Lamp

Full disclosure: I can’t take full credit for this blog post. The Lesson of the Lamp comes from my own therapist (yes, therapists have therapists, too!), and I found it incredibly useful in understanding my own personal work around caring what people thought of me.  In my practice, I find that most of my clients  … Read more

Pause So You Can Persist

It’s been a tough few days. In processing the tragedies and horror of homegrown terrorism and the images, words, and responses coming from Charlottesville and our elected officials, my clients seem to feel a confusing elixir of hopelessness and anger: anger that this is happening in our country, to themselves and people they love; hopeless  … Read more