About Me

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The Serious Stuff:

My therapy practice combines talking and mindfulness techniques to help individuals, couples, and groups find connection to themselves, each other, and in the world. I help curious, creative people who feel lost rediscover their sense of direction. By focusing on helping my clients come to understand themselves better, they can learn to thrive in their relationships and careers.

As a graduate of Pratt Institute with additional intensive training from the New York Center for Authentic Movement Study, I help people make sense of their feelings and live courageous lives.

While at Pratt Institute, I received the Pratt Circle Award for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Achievement. Reflecting my dedication to learning and to mentoring the next generation of therapists, I am also an adjunct professor at The College of New Rochelle in their graduate art therapy program. I have worked in hospitals, safe houses, and day treatment centers, and I am also a seasoned trauma researcher.

The Not-So-Serious Stuff:

After spending my 20s moving to new and strange places, I now live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I love mountains and cooking — but I can also be counted on to bring it on the dance floor. In my spare time, I secretly function as a pop culture aficionado (specialty: 90’s music), lifter of heavy things, and passionate self-reinventor.

Why I Do This Work:

I believe in a collaborative therapeutic relationship to discover what works. Through therapy, we can navigate feelings of anxiety, sadness, and fear on your path towards peace and fulfillment.

I was drawn to therapy because of my passion for self-discovery, healing, and self-exploration. In doing this work, I get to witness my clients’ finding of hope and inner strength to live their most satisfying lives.

Life is hard, and often our struggles leave us feeling hopeless and alone. But none of us are broken. We all deserve unconditional acceptance and nonjudgmental curiosity as we work through our deepest emotions. I am continuously inspired by how resilient human beings are, and by how rewarding it is to help facilitate growth, healing, and self-compassion.

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