Couples Therapy

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Miscommunication is all too common, even in healthy relationships.

And it’s even more important to put in the work if conflict, distance, or communication difficulties are keeping you from a happy, healthy connection.

In couples therapy, we will work through trust issues, infidelity, co-dependence, grief, crises, and past upsets to make space for your relationship to grow. That growth may lead to a strengthening of your partnership or even a healthy, mature break up. But whatever the outcome, you and your partner will learn to talk about your differences and desires, and work through conflicts with love and respect.


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Seeking couples therapy is not a sign of failure. It’s a sign that you and your partner are wise enough to recognize that sharing a life takes work.

Together, we’ll enhance your communication skills and set you and your partner up for relationship success now and in the future.

Complicated issues and dysfunctional relationship patterns can be resolved, understood, and made manageable. We’ll learn how to navigate arguments and fight fairly, creating a sustaining, loving, and cooperative connection. LGBTQ+ couples welcomed.