Pause So You Can Persist

It’s been a tough few days.

In processing the tragedies and horror of homegrown terrorism and the images, words, and responses coming from Charlottesville and our elected officials, my clients seem to feel a confusing elixir of hopelessness and anger: anger that this is happening in our country, to themselves and people they love; hopeless in doing anything about it that might amount to real change and social progress. I’ve noted extended periods of silence in being with my clients, as we try to find a way to hold onto our breath and stay connected to the session. And that’s ok.

However you feel about this weekend’s explosion of hatred, bigotry, and racism that’s been building in this country–whether it is sadness, a painful recalling of inherited traumas, rage, or fear—take a moment. Pause. Take a deep breath. Feel that feeling. Notice where it lives in your body, what sensations arise. Pause again.

The world is overwhelming. But right now, in this present moment, just breathe. Take a moment, or a day, and pause. Find stillness in your breath, find relief from the chatter. When you’re ready, get back out there. But right now, pause, so you can persist.

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